Saturday, June 12, 2010


Can I just say that I actually really enjoying Raid Wasp and Hornet spray, even though it's toxic and stains?  We have a lot of flying, stinging insects around our house and I got stung by one last week while minding my own business.  I broke out a can of Raid and started aiming and shooting at the nests around the house.  Something inside of me was awakened after the first shot.  I took a lot of pleasure in demolishing paper wasp nests.  That's me-- knotty, chief wasp and hornet assassin with my secret weapon, Raid!

I must admit, I probably shouldn't enjoy Raid as much as I do.  It's full of poisonous chemicals that don't do any good for any living thing they come in contact with.  But why'd they have to make the spray can so much fun?  I guess it's all fun... until someone gets hurt.  Weeee!

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