Tuesday, June 15, 2010

On blogger privacy...

It always amazes me when people post very personal things in their blog and then get upset when other people discover them and dare to have an opinion.

Until recently, I followed a blog that was showcased on another site I frequent. The author of this blog was a woman who often wrote very snarky and funny posts about celebrities. Some of the things she wrote were very entertaining, but she often came across as narcissistic and self-absorbed. Naturally, I couldn't resist keeping up with her blog because I find narcissists fascinating.

Later, she got pregnant with twins with medical help, which she described in great detail and documented with sonograms. Her pregnancy was kind of a surprise, since she had declared a couple of times that she didn't like kids. One time, she actually said she and her husband didn't have a lot of friends and were recruiting... but they only wanted people around who were childless and okay with it because she didn't want to hear anyone bitching about how their junk didn't work.

Anyway, she had her twins and one of them has special needs and wasn't expected to live, but it turned out the baby's problems weren't as severe as she'd first claimed. From that moment on, this woman was constantly posting photos and very detailed descriptions of her children, along with her own pithy observations about life. Every other week, there was another post full of pictures of her toddler kids in matching outfits-- cute pictures, mind you-- but the kids seemed to be more like dolls to her than anything else.

So... over Memorial Day, she put up a post that was even more self-absorbed than usual and it got "showcased" again on the site I frequent. The comments about her blog weren't very kind. A lot of people took issue with the fact that she had so much time to blog when she has twin babies, one of which has special needs. The blogger got wind of these judgmental comments and, I imagine, read everyone's responses. And then she posted a pissy entry on her blog, declaring that she's taking it private because, she claims, people are making nasty comments about her kids.

My thinking is that it's about time she took her blog private. When you put a blog out in the world and you post your very strong opinions, pictures of yourself, your house, your kids, and your family members, people are going to pass judgments, and some of them are going to dare to voice them to the world at large. If you can't handle that, you shouldn't be blogging.  This woman claims that she doesn't care what other people think of her, since she's heard those comments before.  But clearly, her feelings are hurt.  I don't blame her for having hurt feelings, but as a writer and a "trained attorney", which she has also repeatedly revealed that she is, I would have thought she would have had more of an appreciation for the importance of discretion and privacy, as well as peoples' rights to have and express their own opinions.

Ironically, this blogger is even guilty of the same behavior.  Some years ago, she got her hair done at the same place Lindsay Lohan was getting a haircut and dared to take a picture and post it on her blog, even after Lohan had asked her not to...  The blogger rationalized that since Lindsay Lohan is a celebrity, she was fair game and she had no pity or respect for Lohan's privacy.  Indeed, here's a direct quote...

"here is how I feel - yes you may not have any privacy any more because you are a celebrity but that's your job. There are downsides to every job, yours just happens to be in the public eye so get over it." 

Karma certainly does seem to be a bitch, doesn't it?  Become a popular blogger and, yes, you too might also become a "celebrity" of sorts.  Perhaps fame is not all it's cracked up to be. 

I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if the blog either gets renamed or somehow resurfaces in the future. Narcissistic people need an audience and I don't think she'll get as much of one with a private blog.

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