Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Five days later...

So, a few days ago, I wrote to our local road maintenance office to complain about the guys using my yard as a parking lot and blocking my driveway.  Monday, I finally got a rather terse response from a dude who said he'd handled it and to let him know directly if it happened again.  Shoot, if I'd had his email address in the first place, I would have shot him a note directly instead of sending one to the central office.

Anyway, now I'm wondering if I should send the guy a note to tell him about the article of clothing that was left behind one of the bushes.  I'm guessing one of the fellows who was using my yard as a parking lot went behind it to strip and just left it there.  I don't want to pick it up... God knows where it's been.

Other than that, I continue to live the very boring life of an overeducated housewife.  But at least my new Kindle is keeping me busy.  If you don't have one, I highly recommend it, though be careful... it's all too easy to burn through cash with that thing!

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