Monday, June 7, 2010

Family members who are fake...

I have a cousin I'll refer to as "K".  I have always suspected that K doesn't like me much... She has a daughter who is about my age and I've never really gotten along with her.  As we've gotten older, we get along better, but we're not now nor have we ever been best friends.  I always thought I got along with K, but now that we're older, I can see that she must have a real problem with me.

Last year, she added me to Facebook.  Then she dropped me for no apparent reason.  I found out through my husband's Facebook that for a time, she had actually blocked me.  I couldn't see her comments or anything from my page.  Then about a week or two later, I saw that I was unblocked, but still off her friends list.

Now... this cousin is old enough to be my mother.  I don't remember ever having a big blowout with her.  She has never told me that she has a problem with me... But I can see that she does have a problem with me by the way she behaves.  And now I have this hostile feeling toward her that is starting to extend to a lot of other family members...  after all, if she's that fake, what about everyone else?

If there's one type of person I cannot stand, it's someone who is fake.  I can respect someone who tells me to my face that they disagree with me or even dislike me.  I can't stand people who are two-faced or who act loving and then stab me in the back. 

It may seem really trite and wrong, but I'm now at the point at which I don't want to have anything to do with this person again.  I feel like I really can't trust my family anymore.

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