Thursday, June 10, 2010

Changing my Facebook picture...

I must confess to being a little vain sometimes.  I hate having my picture taken because I hate the way I look when I'm photographed.  When hubby and I were on vacation back in April, a fellow cruise passenger offered to take my picture.  I liked him, so I didn't refuse... perhaps the glasses of champagne and crackers with caviar on them also helped me cooperate.  The resulting picture isn't too bad, even though I'm in a bathing suit, squatting in the water so my beer gut doesn't show too much.

I guess it's not such a bad thing to humble oneself sometimes... and having a picture taken and posting it on Facebook when I am a:) in a bathing suit, b:) getting old and fat, c:) slightly drunk and sunburned, is sort of a way to humble myself a bit...  Besides, I find that most people don't think you look as bad in pictures as you think you do... unless, of course, it's Tyra Banks doing the judging. 

So... for today, at least, I'm baring my ugly self in a picture on Facebook.  I hope it doesn't cause anyone to lose their appetite.

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