Friday, May 14, 2010

Varmints in the garden!

My dear husband and I decided to take advantage of the fine southern weather by planting a garden.  We've been growing plants since February; started with some of them inside and then moved 'em outside.  We've kept a few plants on our deck because there are tons of deer in the area who would love to make a snack out of them.  Some of the other stuff, we moved to a plot behind the house.

I went down to the garden today to find it in a sorry state.  Some critter raided it within the last night or two and chewed all the tops off my green bean plants and sugar snap peas.

This is what my garden looks like right now...

Pretty sorry, huh?  Right now, the only thing that's really taken off are the radishes... something we don't eat a whole lot of these days.  Still, it's fun to watch the yard for new visitors.  Here are a few we've seen in these parts...

Pretty soon, I'm sure I'll be snapping photos of snakes, too.

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