Wednesday, May 19, 2010


So today, my dear spouse is on his way to a meeting in another city.  I'm sitting here alone, waiting for a shipment of new martini glasses that I ordered from  Novica has become one of my favorite cash drains, besides Amazon of course.  Run by National Geographic, Novica offers cool artsy stuff from artisans from all over the world.  I've already bought some stuff from them... stuff that I may or may not have needed, but like just the same.

I just vacuumed and steam cleaned the carpets, wrote a couple of articles, and frantically ate some lunch in an attempt to get my blood sugar up.  I used to be able to go a long time without eating, but now that I'm getting older, I notice I get very shaky and lightheaded if I get too hungry.

This reminds me of an incident on the SeaDream.  I was confused about when we would get dinner because we took an evening excursion.  Some guy made a stupid remark about not missing meals... I guess I could have been a bitch and said I can't skip meals because of a medical condition.  I may actually have one, though I refuse to see a doctor to find out for sure.  Smart, huh?

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