Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sooo... Krista won Top Model

Being out here in BFE means that I have to watch TV on the Internet or iTunes.  I didn't get to see America's Next Top Model's Cycle 14 finale until this morning.  Not that I really needed to watch...

For the past few weeks, Krista, the 25 year old who's apparently tried out for 12 cycles or more, won the title.  I could have predicted she'd win, a la Cycle 8's winner, Jaslene Gonzalez.  Tyra Banks loves it when people give her a tongue bath and talk about how much they want to be the next top model.  She loves to crown former rejects. 

Krista is interesting looking, mind you, but she's hardly the type of person I'd think of pitching Cover Girl makeup or Seventeen magazine.  For one thing, she's too old.  For another thing, she just doesn't look like the type of person teenaged girls would get excited over.  Tyra and company gushed about how high fashion Krista is.  But Cover Girl cosmetics on a high fashion model?  I don't think so.

I watch the show for the drama, anyway.  I don't give a shit about fashion and you can definitely tell that to look at me.  But I think this show is a bit of a joke and has been for some time.  The fact that it took so long to get rid of skanky Angelea is a pretty good indication of what that show is all about.

I guess I should be ashamed that I watch such schlock, but it's kind of like a trainwreck.  Watching ANTM reminds me of how young I'm not anymore and how that's not such a terrible thing.

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