Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day...

Mother's Day doesn't mean too much to me because I don't have kids.  I do have a mother, though.  I called her yesterday.  She was in my dad's hospital room.  He had back surgery the other day-- the same kind he had two years ago.  It was pretty scary because he really hasn't been the same mentally since that first surgery.  The surgery he just had Friday seemed to go well enough, but again, he's having trouble recovering. 

So I called my mom to say Happy Mother's Day.  She's never been particularly sentimental and wasn't really in the mood to talk, other than to tell me that my dad was having some complications.  This wasn't unexpected, really.  We figured he would have complications.

Other than that, I spent my morning vacuuming and steam cleaning the carpets, doing laundry, and gardening.  Then I got some beagle love from my two furbabies.  My dear husband was also onhand. 

I watched a little Ernest Angley, which I often do when I need a laugh.  The musicians on that show crack me up.  It's like Lawrence Welk meets Hee Haw with crappier musicians.  I usually watch a few minutes each week, just to see the musicians.  I wonder how many of them are trained professionals who just play on the show because it's a paying gig... or at least I assume it's a paying gig.  Too funny.

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