Thursday, May 27, 2010

Idiot convention...

Every so often, I get a perfect storm of idiotic comments from people on places where I write.  Today, I got two different communications from two separate sources.  Both of them made me laugh for different reasons, though they both indicated one of the things that is wrong with a lot of Americans today... a lack of decent communication skills.

The first communication I got was from  A college student wrote me the following note...

hi,am already in collage and am thinking of doing public health communication,i would like to know if the pay is good and also why you left the feild

I did not edit this email in the slightest.  This is the actual message I got from a college student who wishes to work in communications.  I wrote back and advised this student to bone up on their writing skills, since working in communications of any sort would require at the minimum the ability to write a proper sentence.  On another note, it shocks me that a person in college would write this way, even if they were doing so by text.  I don't envy college professors.

The second communication was regarding an article I wrote on Associated Content about DirectBuy.  I had written an article about DirectBuy back in 2006.  It got a lot of hits and comments, so I decided to follow up with an article about a book written by the company's founder, James L. Gagan.  While I think DirectBuy is a big scam, I did actually enjoy Gagan's book.  I thought it was well written and interesting and said so in my review. 

Invariably, I get scathing comments from people who have some affiliation with DirectBuy and it's clear that they didn't bother to read the article.  When it got really bad a couple of years ago, I deleted some comments.  I kind of regret doing that now.  But today, I found the following comment written by one of DirectBuy's prizewinning employees...

I'm sorry that you can not see the value in this oppourtunity, and clearly thinking outside of the norm is not for everyone. Direct Buy has provided me with an amazing job for years now, and I have had nothing but positive experiences from the staff and the members. The only time there it negativity is when I encounter people like you, who go around complaining about t6hings they don't know. It sounds like you have done a bit of research, and good for you. That still doesn't make you guru on the subject and before you go posting negativity about someone's business they have created from the ground up you should honestly know what you are talking about. Direct Buy DOES pass on those discounts to it's members in what's called Club Exclusives, and shipping times being delayed is a problem from the manufacturers. (since that is afetr all where the members are purchasing from.) Anyways, I am done wasting my energy on you and your misinformed website. And perhaps you can be helped in the fut

Again, I did not edit this comment in any way.  Again, this comment shows a real lack of communication and reading comprehension skills, not to mention an inability to write effectively.  I happened to get this comment before I'd had my coffee and I was feeling a bit pissy, so I responded thusly...

Hey, it's pretty obvious to me that you didn't even read this article. If you had read it, you'd see that it's actually a positive review of a book written by James Gagan, the guy who founded the company you're so proud of. I did write another article on AC that was about my experiences with the company. Your comment would fit better there. It's great that you've found such an "amazing job" with Direct Buy. I'm sure people would love to read about your positive experiences. Why don't you write your own article on AC? You can even get paid for it. By the way... I never claimed to be a "guru" on anything. This article is about James Gagan's book, nothing more, nothing less. Why don't you waste some of that energy reading before you comment? You're not doing your company much good going off half-cocked about an article you didn't even bother to read. Have a nice life. 


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