Sunday, May 16, 2010

A fucked up view of perfection...

This morning, husband and I were talking over breakfast and he mentioned a recent blog entry he'd read, posted by his long lost daughter... a girl completely entrenched and indoctrinated in Mormonism.  I will admit that I didn't read the passage in question, mainly because reading the blog makes me angry.  But anyway, hubby does confide in me every so often and today, he talked about something his daughter wrote about striving for perfection.

This girl is 16 years old and completely enraptured by her religion.  Apparently, she thinks that by avoiding all wrongdoing and trying to be perfect, she will get closer to God.  She strives for righteousness and purity.  We've heard from a reliable source that she often acts like a cop to those around her, calling them to repentance whenever she feels they've stepped out of line.  This is her idea of striving for perfection and getting closer to God and a place in the tippy top tier of heaven.

She conveniently ignores the fact that she and her sister have treated their father and grandparents in a very judgmental and unChristlike way.  They've been downright cruel, particularly to their grandfather, who has never been anything but kind and loving to them.  A couple of years ago, they pretty much disowned him without giving it a second thought.  Apparently, he's not good enough for them anymore.

I'm betting she's treated others with the same kind of contempt, knowing that her ideas are the truth and smugly demanding that other people agree with her way of thinking.  I'm sure that she's overestimated her self worth to the point of being almost intolerable to be around.  And unfortunately, most people are far too nice and polite to tell her to go take a flying leap.

My husband was dismayed by this blog entry he read.  I asked him if he thought his daughter was the kind of person who lit up a room when she entered it.  Is she the kind of person who is a friend to everyone, no matter what?  Does she have a smile that makes other people smile?  Does she treat people with fairness and decency?  Is she kind and loving?

Or is she the type of person who scrutinizes other people, searching for ways they fall short?  Does she judge other people for being human?  Does she exclude them when she feels they don't meet her standards in some way? 

When she was 12 years old, my husband got a letter from her, accusing him of being "prideful"as she drop kicked him out of her life.  At that point, I sort of got an idea of what kind of person she was becoming.  When my husband shares snippets about her blog, particularly when she boasts about her righteous lifestyle and modest clothing choices, I can see that she doesn't know the first thing about perfection and behaving as Christ would.  Incidently, that hateful letter she sent several years ago is the last communication my husband ever got from her.  I'm thinking we've been spared a lot of bullshit over the past few years.

The tinfoil hat that girl is wearing goes well with the Kool-Aid stains all over her modest wardrobe.  I really hope for her sake she gets her head out of her ass someday.  Unless she stays in that rapidly diminishing religious bubble she's in, the real world will be an unpleasant reality check for her.

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