Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Creepy Mormons...

I may catch some flak for writing this post, but it's on my mind, so here goes...

My husband is an ex-Mormon.  His estranged kids are Mormons.  I am not and never have been a Mormon, but because of my husband's situation, I've learned a lot about the faith.

In the last couple of months, I've read news stories about a political star who, back in 1985, had "inapproriate sexual relations" with a 15 year old girl in a hot tub, then tried to cover it up with hush money.

A 20 year old male BYU student who was a home teacher to a 19 year old woman, lured her into a laundry room.  He tasered her in the arm and attempted to handcuff her and, it appears, stuff her in a box.  She bit his finger when he stupidly stuck it in her mouth.  Now he's facing some serious attempted kidnapping and assault charges over what he called an "April Fool's joke".

A 56 year old unemployed man who met a single woman in her 70s at an LDS singles dance.  He proceeded to swindle the woman out of her credit card, which he then used to run up over $20,000 in charges, $3600 of which were tickets to BYU football games and a Cougar Club membership...

Meanwhile, my husband's daughters have disowned him, in part, because he doesn't believe in their church which, incidentally, proclaims that "families are forever".  Their mother, who, after the kids met me once, said I was a "bad influence" is now married to husband #3 and has two more kids with her latest victim.

I'm all for religious freedom, but I'm also for freedom of opinion.  And it's my opinion that the Mormons aren't as squeaky clean as they'd have the rest of us "Gentiles" believe.


  1. My dad was LDS until after his mission. His father is a higher-up in the Church(I'm not going to use official terminology to avoid the possibility of being sued) and most of his siblings are still devout adherents. We've had all sorts of crazy experiences with these relatives. One, who is a full-time employee of the church, steals from my family (toothpaste, toilet paper, peanut butter, etc.) every time he visits us.

    My dad's LDS sister and her LDS husband, an MD, accepted lots of money (over $1,000) from my dad to take care of me for just under a week when I was injured and ill and my mom was too sick to take care of me. They stuck me on a cot in their unfinished attic and ignored me until I suffered kidney failure and smoke inhalation (the smoke inhalation was from me being left in the house by myself essentially immobile with the oven left on at a high temperature with something burning in it). I've left out several gruesome details of this stay with my aunt and uncle.

    If family is important to Mormons, I hate to think how they would treat people not related to them.

  2. Wow... I'm sorry for your experiences, Alexis. I tend to agree that the Mormon mantra "families forever" is only true if you're like the Mormons and believe what they believe. I have read on stories that are somewhat similar to yours. On the other hand, I have known some nice "normal" Mormons, too. I met them before I met my husband, which is probably a blessing.

    I was delighted when my husband left the church. I think he's a lot happier, too.


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