Monday, April 12, 2010

Weird Wilbur...

Some time ago, I was messing around on YouTube and found a channel made by a guy who called himself wiiiilbur.  Having been a Mr. Ed fan back in the day, I got a kick out of the name.  I also got a kick out of  Wilbur's videos, a lot of which were really funny.  I especially enjoyed wiiiilbur's music, so much so that I actually downloaded his album Weird Wilbur Rides Again

Not long ago, I sent Wilbur a note on Facebook, telling him that I liked his stuff.  He friended me and now I play Farmville with him. 

The Internet is a hell of a place...


  1. thank you so much. The album has new life now thanks to a Radio Show from Austin (the Ghost)

  2. Wiiiilbur.... how nice of you to grace my blog with your presence!


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