Saturday, April 3, 2010

Booze run...

So today, my dearest husband had the day off work.  I spent the morning writing an article while he went out back and fixed up a couple of garden plots.  I vacuumed and steam cleaned the carpet in our great room once again, in a vain attempt to slay the canine urinal stench in there.  Then we went out to Five Guys for lunch and a booze run.

Lunch at Five Guys was interesting.  As I was sitting at our table, waiting for dearest to bring us burgers, fries, and sodas, I noticed the person at the next table.  At first, I thought it was a man... then I started to notice the man had some rather feminine features.  I sat at the table having an "It's Pat" moment, wondering what gender the person next to us was... then lunch was served.

After lunch, we were on our way to Katie's Wine and Liquor.  I love going in that store, mainly because they have big German bottles of beer.  We picked up some gin, tequila, and a six of some fine German suds.  I must say, I enjoy privately owned liquor stores.  Then we went to the grocery store and I picked up some feminie hygiene products.  There was a young guy standing in the aisle and I had to scootch past him to pick up my big package of maxi pads.  All the while, we were driving around in my green MINI convertible with the top down... 

Now here I sit, drinking a gin and tonic and thinking about going outside to plant some nice yummy hot peppers.  Sometimes it's not so bad being an overeducated housewife.

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