Monday, March 29, 2010

Things I love about early spring...

It's late March.  That means it's early spring.  My husband and I are currently living in a big house deep in the woods.  We lucked into this house, because even though it's got its problems, it allows me to observe spring as it happens.

This afternoon, I was walking our two dogs to the mailbox, something I do almost every day at least once a day.  Walking to the mailbox is actually a bit of a chore, since it's a stiff walk from our house and involves a couple of gentle hills.  Anyway, today as I was walking with my pooches, I happened to glance up at the trees.  And I could see the tiniest hints of green emerging from branches that have been brown and barren for the past few months. 

When we moved into this house, the trees still had leaves on them, though they were about to drop off.  We could sit on our huge deck and not see any other houses around us.  We had lots of privacy.  Losing the leaves wasn't all bad...  There's a slow moving creek behind our house that we couldn't see during the leafy seasons.  During late fall and winter, we could see the creek through the gnarly branches... but we could also see the subdivision on the other side of the creekbanks.

Along with the emerging leaves, there are blossoming flowers.  I see wild daffodils growing in the woods, along with crocuses and forsythias.  The cherry blossoms on the tree overlooking our landlord's artificial pond and waterfall are blooming white and pretty, like the lace of a wedding gown.  And every day, I notice new wildlife... especially songbirds.  There's a crazy male cardinal who incessantly tries to fly into our garage but always gets stopped by the window.  There are many woodpeckers that help the termites destroy the trees in the woods.  There's even a family of deer who are so tame that they don't flee when my hounds bark at them.

I can see patches of green grass starting to sprout in the front yard.  Our little garden, protected by wild animal repellant, is starting to take off...  Soon we will have fresh produce whenever we want it. Yes, there are many reasons to love early spring...

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