Wednesday, March 31, 2010

16 days...

In just 16 days, my dear husband and I will be boarding a plane to San Juan.  We're excited about this trip because neither of us has ever been to Puerto Rico.  We're even more excited because after four nights in San Juan, we'll be boarding SeaDream I for a five night, all-inclusive, luxury cruise!  For five nights and six days, we'll be spoiled rotten by bartenders who make it their mission to keep our champagne glasses overflowing.  After the cruise, we'll spend a night in the Virgin Islands, then head back home to the real world.

Over the past few years, my husband and I have gotten pretty spoiled in terms of travel.  We lived in Europe for two years and got to see a lot of places.  A year ago at this time, we were headed for Barcelona, Spain, where we spent a long weekend.  We happened to be there for Palm Sunday, which was especially interesting in Spain.  Everybody was so dressed up and there were huge palm fronds everywhere.  We visited La Sagrada Familia cathedral that morning and I watched as my husband's eyes welled up with tears over Gaudi's creation.

Now that we're back in America... at least for now... it's harder to have those experiences.  Oddly enough, it's also harder to afford them.  We actually lived better overseas than we do here at home.  I was pretty pissed off that we had to leave a year early, though I like where we're living now.  Germany felt a lot like home to me, though, and I really got used to the lifestyle.  I could see us going back there indefinitely if we had the opportunity.

So anyway, this SeaDream cruise will have to suffice for now.  I'm pretty sure we won't suffer as we lounge around the hot tub and suck down creme brulee martinis that are included in the price of the cruise.  And for the time we're on vacation, I promise not to miss chasing Zane around the house after he steals a maxi pad from my purse... which is what he just did. 

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